AM CH Cambria's Nocona V Texas, UD 
Eisamar's Touch And Go  Briarwood's Against The Wind 
Eisamar's Born A Star 
AM CH Windsor's Truth Serum  AM CH Legend's Extravaganza v Deco, CD  AM CH Rahdy's Sail The Seven Seas  BIS/BISS AM CH Brunswig's Cryptonite 
AM CH Rahdy's Sable v Deserae, LC-11 
AM CH Legend's Siren Song v Deco  AM/CAN CH Tersel's Maximum Overdrive 
AM CH Kyjur's MM The Legend v Rondo, CD, WAC, ROM 
Patriot's Drums N Fife  BIS/BISS AM CH Platinum's Back In Black, CDX, WAC, ROM, LC-10  AM CH Array Point Blank, GHC 
BIS/BISS AM CH Royal Tudor's Wild As The Wind, UD, UDT, TD, UDTX 
AM/CAN CH Dabney's Don't You Dare Trump v Aria, WAC  AM/CAN CH Dabney's Lookout For Ledo, LC-12 
AM CH Marks-Tey Fancy Free, CD 

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